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What do you offer in short? How can you help me?2020-12-08T11:45:49-05:00

Erke Cosmetics is a complex company who offer their customers both wholesale product supply, making a complete search for their market and provide service for export & import related operations. We find products from different areas of the world and offer those products to related companies in different countries. Also we offer our manufacturer companies a comprehensive search for marketing their products.

Wholesale products, what kind of products?2020-12-08T11:54:51-05:00

We are generally specialized in cosmetics such as beauty and care products, personal care such as razors and shampoos, household cleaning products such as detergents. In some cases, we are making a wholesale trade with food & beverage items such as Redbull and Nutella. However, products that we purchase and sell are not limited to those above. If you have any interested products, we can evaluate the market needs for this product and even we can offer you related items.

We are a manufacturer, how can you help us?2020-12-08T12:07:15-05:00

If you are manufacturer and producing products which are related with FMCG, we are ready to make a complete research for marketing those products. We just need your product specifications, catalog information and pricing information. If you have already agents in different countries, we should know about this before this searching operations in order to refrain from conflicts with your current distributors.

How do you manage to complete import & export operations?2020-12-09T04:52:02-05:00

We are consisting of a expert teammates in import & export related operations. If you would like to purchase a product from our side, we are making a comprehensive search for your consignee country considering the custom rules and the taxes. According to this information, we calculate all possibilities and offer you different options. We offer options ranging from EXW (in which all the operations are to be made by yourself) to DDP (in which all the requirements are to be completed by our side). Even if you have no idea about custom clearance, with the help of our handling operators, we offer hassle-free deliveries to your doorstep. There could be some signature and authorization issues that you may encounter. In those cases, we contact with you and let you know your requirements – at no costs.

What are the costs?2021-03-25T03:31:35-05:00

For marketing searches, we do not charge until there is an operation. If we have find any chance to enter the market, we have different options. First, we could be your exclusive agent for giving distributorship rights to the right market. At this point, we purchase directly from you and sell to the distributor by adding our commission. We can offer shipping, export or import supports. Second, after contracting with you, we find the distributor for your product, receive the purchase orders from the buyer and give you the exact customer information for shipment. At this case, we do not add any commissions to the order. Before the delivery of the products, however, we create another “Commission Invoice” which could be between 1% to 10% of the total purchase order. This 1% to 10% changes along with the profit rate of and the sales strength of the product.

If you directly purchase wholesale products from our side, according to your needs, we can either give you EXW, FOB, CIF or DDP prices. There are no other commissions on purchases you make from our side. 100% of the invoice total should be deposited before shipment.

Contracts? What kind of contracts should I comply?2020-12-09T05:58:51-05:00

There will be some contracts which are to be signed during transactions:

Purchasing Contracts: If you make purchases with long-term agreements, we create a contract which shows basically how many product should be purchased, how much will is cost, how long will it take, delivery conditions etc. For one-shot trading operations, there is no need for contract.

Distributorship Contracts: If you are a manufacturer and requesting a marketing for your products, we forward you a distributorship agreement which enable us to be your exclusive agent in specified areas or countries. This agreement also may give rights to find right distributors in the designated areas.

Commissions Contracts: When the distributorship contract is activated, we also send you another commissions contract which shows the details of our commission invoicing details. How much it will be, the requirements etc.

Which options do you offer for payments?2020-12-09T05:53:40-05:00

We offer variable options for payment-related matters. We can collect payments via direct Bank Transfers and Swift Transfers. If you need more secure options, we offer Paypal, Stripe, Skrill, Payoneer & Escrow.

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