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We are organizing and managing all import & export related operations. No need to worry!

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Some Brands We Work With

Including but not limited to:

We provide our customers hassle-free import & export operations.

We search all the obstacles that can be on the way of marketing or delivering. This enables us to serve world-class service.

When our customers ask for it, we always offer hassle-free options which does not contain confusing operations.

We are working with world-class delivery companies which are perfect on their business, so this option gives us much more freedom and offer you best service.

What is Behind Our Success?

We serve better prices and service to secure customer retention, leads, and sales. We focus on the bigger picture.


We make reliable pre-searches for the products that we offer. We find the best suitable option.

Best Pricing

We provide affordable real wholesale prices for your market retention.

Best Service

We offer world-class service for transactions. We purchase & deliver in the best time.

Grow Your Traffic

Offer your customers unrivaled prices and let yourself be their number one.


Increase Your Sales

Get your profit to the highest level, offer different campaigns to your customers. Maximize your returns.

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Success Rate

We plan, we offer, we complete. Everything is in order! We are looking for success.


FMCG Wholesale

We provide services from different countries, we only trace for the best.



We offer services more than 1000 businesses all around the world. Experience is inevitable!

“We have purchased from Erke Cosmetics. They found the product that matches with our market. Furthermore, they have easily completed all the shipment and customs’ regulations and delivered the goods. Their completely experienced team worked from first start until the delivery of the products. Transparency is their motto.”

Faizan Gilmore

CEO – Worldwide Solutions Inc.

Let’s Make Things Happen

We will be pleased to hear from you. We are always ready for your requests for your wholesale orders.

“Contact with us for your questions considering your wholesale requests and we will find a solution from our range of products.”

Ugur SEN

Erke Cosmetics, CEO

Wholesale Import & Export Expert

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